Restaurant at Charles Bridge
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Traditional Czech dishes
try Czech cuisine, steaks and grilled meats
You can find us near Charles Bridge
in a quiet street Lázeňská
Stylish interior
sitting in a historical house called "V lázních"

Restaurant Plný pekáč

Welcome to the restaurant Plný pekáč which is located in a house called The Spa. Here you can enjoy traditional Czech cuisine and Budvar beer tank in a cozy environment. The house is a monument to the bath, which in these parts existed in the 14th century. Then it was located in the ancient area at a river ford where there was later built a stone bridge.

The street originated in the 12th century on the bridgehead, where there crossed the paths from The Judith Stone Bridge. The bridge meant, excluding the fords, the only connection to the Old Town. Originally the house belonged to the Johannites - The Knights of Malta, who owned the whole district (about fifty-five houses in the Lesser Town with the own jurisdiction).

From the 17th century to the mid 19th century there was in this house one of the best hotels in Prague. In 1698 there was housed a part of the delegation sent by Tsar Peter I. on a tour of Europe. At the turn of 1790 and 1791 there lived a French balloonist Jean Pierre Blanchard who first overcame Channel La Manche. In 1800, there took place a ball in The Spa hotel, which was attended by successful Russian general Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov. In 1833 there lived a French poet Francois René Chateaubriand who came to visit at that time already the former king of France Charles X.


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